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  • This Guy’s Lizard Is Just As Loyal As Your Dog

    If your childhood was anything like mine, you played Super Mario Brothers in the 90’s and wished you had a pet Yoshi. Well, get ready to meet someone who made those dreams come true.  YouTube user Dave Durham shows us how compassionate his lizard is, and proves that lizards can both recognize and respond to their name being called. Seriously just check out the smile on this guy: Watch the entire video and check out the warm greeting Dave gets from this gigantic lizard. He interacts with it just like you would with your dog- would you ever consider getting a pet like this? facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather
  • This Guy’s Beer Opening Trick Is Both Disgusting and Amazing

    As someone who’s been partying hard for a lifetime, I’ve seen my fair share of cool ways to open a beer. There’s the obvious lighter trick, the banging it on the side of a table…hell I’ve even seen dudes use their teeth to get the job done. That being said, the guy in this video absolutely takes the cake. I can’t guarantee you’d want to drink the beer after he does what he does, but I can assure you that you would be impressed. facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather
  • The Most Interesting Redneck Wrestlers of All Time

    The country angle has been around in professional wrestling for a long time, but which redneck wrestlers really stood out? They’ve played faces and heels, and they’ve been jobs and champions. Some of the men we’ve chosen to discuss are wrestling legends, while others are unmemorable guys who just played a funny redneck character in the ring. Either way, these men are the most intriguing redneck wrestlers in the history of the sport.

    1. Steve Austin

    If you thought we might leave off the Texas Rattlesnake because it’s too obvious of a choice, think again. Stone Cold Steve Austin isn’t just the greatest redneck wrestler of all time; he’s also one of the greatest period. This man almost single-handedly defined the attitude era, with his beer guzzling and ass kicking almost too much for TV to handle. As far as being a redneck is concerned, Stone Cold was never afraid to show off his Texas routes. When he wasn’t in his signature leather vest stomping someone’s ass in the ring, he was rocking his camo  hunting gear, wreaking havoc behind the scenes. His ceremony of bringing cheap ass beer to the ring, smashing them open, and messily chugging them became one of his most treasured traditions among wrestling fans, and it remains to be one of the most most badass things I’ve ever seen a grown man do. Steve Austin isn’t just a redneck inside the ring. He was quoted in Men’s Fitness as saying he still regularly drives a 1995 Ford Bronco and a 2007 Chevy, despite living in the not so truck-friendly city of Los Angeles.  He hosted Redneck Island from 2012-2013, a competition elimination challenge on CMT. The man is a tried and true redneck who hunts, fishes, and drives badass trucks. What a lot of people may not realize though is that Austin didn’t always get to play to his natural redneck strengths as a professional wrestler. While with WCW in 1993, Austin, alongside partner Brian Pillman, were known as the Hollywood Blonds. Austin went by the moniker of “Stunning” Steve Austin, playing a “hot” California dude who just so happened to wrestle. As lame as they look in the photo below, they actually made a run for the WCW Tag Team Championship belts, eventually winning them from Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas.
    Is this straight out of a Will Farrell movie or what?
    Let’s just thanks the wrestling gods that Stone Cold eventually found his way as a true redneck badass, because if “Stunning” Steve Austin was around during the attitude era, he probably would have tagteamed with Goldust and bottomed for him in the hotel after they lost every match.

     2. Jeff Jarrett

    “He broke 6000 guitars and never drew a dime.” If you have so many acoustic guitars laying around your house that you can afford to just smash them over people’s heads, you might be a redneck. I personally never liked Jarrett as a young wrestling fan, but looking back on it the dude had one of the best gimmicks going in pro wrestling at the time. I mean how great would it be to just take a guitar and just smash it over someone’s head as hard as you can? When Jarrett did it to this opponents, the guitar didn’t just break. It freaking exploded into a million pieces and was insanely satisfying to watch. His intro music in WWF was simple country rock; not the most memorable but certainly reminiscent of the south. What was memorable, however, was his partner in crime Debra. Although her breasts were fake as wrestling itself, she still was one of the hottest women on TV at the time. Who can forget King’s cry for “Puppies!” every time Jarrett and Debra came to the ring together? Jarrett eventually went on to found TNA Wrestling with his father, while Debra ended up marrying Stone Cold Steve Austin not once but twice, with both times ending in a divorce. You know why this isn’t going to work out Debra? BECAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO!

    3. The Godwins

    If dudes like Steve Austin give rednecks a good name, idiots like the Godwinns give us a bad one. With the backstory of being hog farmers from Arkansas, The Godwinns were your typical hillbilly retards that acted like complete idiots at all times. Their names were Phineas I. Godwinn(Dennis Knight) and Henry O. Godwinn(Mark Canterbury), so if you spelled them out by their initials it said pig and hog (are you kidding me?)  I mean just look at these damn Redneck fools- they do a jig with the ref in the ring after their fight, and even bring some live goats into the ring with them:
    The Godwinns will go down in history as one of the worst wrestling gimmicks ever, but at least one of the two men eventually found their true calling in the ring. Because the transition from pig farmer to sadistic satan worshiper is so smooth, Dennis Knight eventually went on to be Mideon, a member of the Ministry of Darkness.
    From redneck to satan worshiper

    4. The West Texas Rednecks

    Although this stable was originally called the West Texas Outlaws, they eventually started going by West Texas Rednecks after the announcers kept saying the name wrong. The faction consisted of Curt Henning, Bobby Duncam Jr., and the Winham brothers, Barry and Kendall. The entire stable hailed from Texas except for Henning, who pretended he was from Texas but was in actuality from Minnesota. The group was fairly popular during their run, with the Winhams winning the WCW Tag Team Championship during this time. The group eventually had a 5th member join when their popularity was starting to fizzle out. He went by the name Curly Bill at the time, but you might know him better as Virgil. Seriously, how many factions has this guy joined during their decline? He put the kiss of death on the WTR, and eventually did the same thing with the NWO.
    Virgil as “Curly Bill”
    Virgil aside, if there’s anything you remember about these dudes, it’s that they recorded the country tune “Rap is Crap,” a song that basically said, “hey rap sucks and being a redneck is awesome.” The song is featured on the WCW Mayhem Soundtrack, and luckily for you someone uploaded on YouTube. It’s hard to choose which is more terrible, the lyrics or the off-key singing, but we’ll let you be the judge of that:

    5. Jamie Noble & Nidia

    It’s unclear if Jamie Noble is a redneck in real life, but he definitely played a character that was one. Known as the “redneck messiah,” Jamie put on a trashy redneck act while with WWWE in the early 2000s. Noble eventually won the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, holding the title for nearly 6 months before losing it to Billy Kidman. At one point in his story-line the redneeck messiah even inherited a bunch of money, making him and Nidia “rich.” He’s definitely not the most redneck dude on this list, but he certainly embodied at least some of what it’s like to be a redneck. There aren’t a lot of great pictures of Noble and Nidia together, but we managed to find at least one decent one: messiahfacebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather
  • Man In Thailand Caught Having Sex With A Porsche

    Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a story like this comes along and slaps you back to reality. Somewhere in Thailand yesterday, a man was caught sneaking into an auto garage and sexually assaulting a Porsche 911. The CCTV video, which was uploaded to LiveLeak, first captures the man snooping around outside, on the lookout for anyone who might interfere with his business. When he feels comfortable enough to approach the car, he quickly decides to hit it from the back, sticking his dick into the car’s tailpipe: The man quickly jumps out of the doggy style position, clutching his junk in pain. If the Porsche had recently been running, there’s a good chance that this poor fellow stuck his wiener in a hole that was a lot hotter than he thought: But what do you do when you fall off your horse? That’s right, you get back on and put your dick in the car’s grill. The man without hesitation switches over to missionary position, and finishes his business in about 6 seconds. If you thought the car was fast, this guy is even faster. Seriously, did the tailpipe foreplay do that much for him? Thailand Sex With Car 3 Once the story went viral on Reddit, the Porsche jokes started coming in quickly. Meat_Tray_Raffle wrote “Dick in a Boxter,” which was followed up by the equally funny line from americanboyinsweden, “He Cayman the grill.” Stay classy Reddit, stay classy.facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather
  • This Man Complaining About The Size of Jimmy Dean Sausage Rolls Will Have You In Tears

    Back in 2007, Jimmy Dean had the audacity to change their 160z roll of sausage to a 12oz roll, all while keeping the price the same. They supposedly recieved hundreds of complaint calls from angry rednecks, but there was one call in particular that ended up going down in internet history. Enter Randy Taylor, a Texas man who is really pissed off about his sausage. Taylor’s epic complaint call was both profane and hilarious, with him bringing up the plight of his family and how a 12oz roll and a couple dozen eggs wasn’t enough to feed them. He gave opinions on some of Jimmy’s other products too, saying, “And as far as your 16oz maple and sage…I don’t eat that. I’m not from the north, I’m a Texas man.” If this guy isn’t your favorite person in the world after you give this a listen, then you might not be a redneck. facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather
  • 19 Animals Who Are Complete Dicks

    Sure animals are cute and cuddly, but did you know they can be absolute jerks sometimes too? If you don’t believe me, check out the GIFs below. These animals will smack you, push you into a lake, and even steal your damn golf ball while you’re playing on the PGA tour. Sure your pet is probably your best friend, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch your back. facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather
  • Joe Rogan Breaks Down Hunting And Social Media Outrage

    Comedian and UFC announcer Joe Rogan took to social media recently to address the outrage that certain people feel when a hunter posts a picture of their catch. Here’s the photo he posted of the wild turkey he shot in Northern California:
    Rogan with his beautiful bird
    Along with the photo, Rogan had this to say regarding the unsettling feeling that people sometimes get when looking at pictures of a hunted animal on Facebook or Twitter: “There’s a hierarchy of animal life on social media. It depends upon the type of animal and whether or not it’s been cut up and cooked. Cut up and cooked animals generate very little social media hate. Butchered raw meat is slightly more disturbing to the faint hearted amongst us. Intact dead animals freshly killed cause the most enthusiastic negative reactions. As for dead, whole things, fish seem to be the easiest for people to accept. Cut up fish causes almost no negative reaction. Dead birds are slightly more disturbing than dead fish.” Rogan followed up the post with another, showing the same bird, gutted, plucked, and ready to cook. He had this to say: “In keeping with my hierarchy of dead animals theme, here’s that same turkey gutted and plucked. Slightly less disturbing to those inclined to express social media outrage - especially if they eat meat themselves - because it now looks like groceries.” The point he makes is certainly valid, and exposes the hypocrisies of people who are outraged by pictures of dead animals that have recently been killed by hunters. Do those people feel the same outrage when they see an animal presented in a more grocery-friendly way? If someone is going to eat their catch, how can you possibly be upset from seeing a carcass? The people who are upset at these images are the same ones that eat three helpings of turkey on Thanksgiving, which doesn’t make a lot of sense. That’s not to say, however, that you should never be outraged by a picture of an animal carcass. Remember the shit storm that Texas cheerleader Kendall Jones created when she posted photos of her and the big game she killed in Africa? Whether you support hunting for sport or not, it can be very unsettling to see such beautiful animals posed with some teenage goody goody. Do you believe in hunting purely for sport, or do you cook and eat everything that you eat? Let us know in the comments what you think about Rogan’s rant. facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather
  • 15 Sexual Trees That Prove Mother Nature Has A Dirty Side

    You ever taken a walk in the woods, looked at a tree, and thought, “huh, that kinda looks like a pair of boobies?” Maybe not, but you’d be surprised how many trees look like butts, boobs, dicks, and people having sex. Who said mother nature didn’t have a dirty side? Check out the images below if you don’t believe me- just try not to get confused or aroused. tree-porn-620x372 44tqpg3 facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather
  • Snake Gives A “Present” To The Stoner Dudes Who Saved Him

    What do you get when a younger version of Cheech and Chong save a snake from some netting it’s caught in? Well, you get a hell of viral video, that’s what. These two youngsters may have foul mouths, but I think we could all learn a lesson in compassion from them. When they notice a garter snake is tangled in some green netting, they set out to save it with nothing but a dull knife and some simple ambition. Eventually the snake ends up regurgitating its breakfast, but not for the reason that the uploader of this video thinks. Although the video is titled “Trapped snake thanks it’s rescuers” many people have pointed out that the snake regurgitates its food not as a gift to its saviors, but as stress mechanism so it can escape easier. Would you help a snake like this if you were in the same situation? Let us know in the comments! facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather
  • Nick Offerman’s Nascar Commercial Confirms That Rednecks Have Gone Mainstream

    Everyone knows that NASCAR is constantly trying to reach a wider audience, but this time they’ve really outdone themselves. This year’s NASCAR Super Bowl ad stars Nick Offerman, best known as Ron Swanson from the hit series Parks and Recs, singing an epic song about America, barbecuing, and most importantly, car racing. Nick touches on a few things that are great about NASCAR, such as “sure everybody in NASCAR gets a trophy, as long as they win the fu*king race.”  facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather
  • 10 Reasons Why Hank Hill Is The Ultimate Redneck Role Model

    In a time where rednecks are represented by some of the worst people in the country, it’s nice to reflect on a man who truly embodied what it means to be a country man- Hank Rutherford Hill. Hailing from Arlen, Texas, Hank loves drinking beer, working on his truck and rooting on the Dallas Cowboys. If that’s not enough, here are 10 more reasons why Hank Hill is truly a redneck who should be admired.

    1) He Respects Women

    2) He Doesn’t Do Drugs

    3) He Knows Christian Rock Music Sucks

    4) He’s A Strictly Business Kind Of Man

    5) He Would Never Dare Waste A Beer

    6) He Loves Working On His Truck

    7) He Has Great Redneck Instincts

    8) He Isn’t Concerned With Technology

    9) He Knows Kids Music Today is Crap

    10) He Understands Women Perfectly

    facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather