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  • 24 Funny Burger King Memes About Having It Your Way

    For years, Burger King has played second fiddle to McDonald’s. These hilarious Burger King memes encompass all sorts of topics, from BK’s creepy mascot to the weird food they’ve put on their menu over the years. Some of the memes about the Burger King mascot are really funny, especially since BK purposely marketed him to […]

  • 25+ Hilarious McDonald’s Memes You Can’t Help But Laugh At

    The best McDonald’s memes make fun of a lot of things. Some of these funny McDonald’s memes are about the crappy employees who always get your orders wrong, while others are about how fat the food makes you if you eat it too much. Although McDonald’s is still one of the most popular restaurants in […]

  • The 22 Best Chick-fil-A Memes About America’s Favorite Restaurant

    Is there any argument that Chick-fil-A isn’t the greatest fast food establishment on the planet? These Chick-fil-A memes will have you cracking up, or maybe leave you crying if it’s Sunday. Why is it that we always crave nuggets or chicken sandwiches when we can’t have it? We’ve all had that craving on Sunday, only […]

  • The 26 Funniest Bill Clinton Memes on the Internet

    What is it about a good Bill Clinton meme that makes us laugh so hard? This list gathers the funniest Bill Clinton memes on the internet, making light of all Slick Willy’s shortcomings. Whether it was his scandal with Monica Lewinsky or his strained relationship with Hillary, Bill Clinton memes are almost always hilarious. Ever […]

  • The 26 Funniest Black Lives Matter Memes That Expose the Movement

    It’s pretty sad that if you disagree with black lives matter, you’re automatically labeled a racist. These 26 hilarious black lives matter memes expose the hypocrisy of the movement, including memes about rioting, looting, and just not giving a damn about black lives when their death isn’t at the hands of a white police officer. […]

  • The 30 Best Seth Rollins Memes About The Architect

    What can you say about Seth Rollins, the architect of the WWE? These funny Seth Rollins memes describe him pretty well, and chronicle his time throughout the WWE. This list includes Seth Rollins Shield memes, as well as jokes about his feud with Lesnar, his friendship with the corporation, and more. Seth Rollins recently made […]

  • The 35 Best Triple H Memes About The Game

    If these funny Triple H memes tell us anything, it’s that the man likes to bury wrestlers at the worst possible times in their careers. We’ve collected the funniest Triple H memes about what’s best for business, him burying people, and just jokes about his long tenure as a both a wrestler and businessman in […]

  • 30 Hilarious Japan Memes That Are Too Weird For Words

    Every country has a reputation for something, and if these funny Japan memes prove anything, it’s that the land of rising sun is a really weird place. Whether it’s a good meanwhile in Japan meme or a funny demotivational poster about Japan, these pictures will definitely make you laugh at the absurdity of this country. […]

  • The 25 Funniest Detroit Memes That Are Too Real

    It’s one of the saddest stories of modern America, but at least these Detroit memes can help us laugh at the rundown city that was once considered the working class heart of the USA. We’ve collected the funniest Detroit memes about crime, Democrats running the city into the ground, and just the terrible state of […]