23 Hilarious Chris Christie Memes About America’s Fattest Governor

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Where do we even begin with Chris Christie? He’s easily the fattest governor in America, so don’t be surprised to see a ton of fat Chris Christie memes on this page. Currently serving as the governor of New Jersey, he’s been through plenty of scandals during his tenure that put a big dent in his credibility. These funny Chris Christie memes are about his failure during the presidential election, bridgegate, and his terrible eating habits. Have you seen this guy in a baseball uniform? His moose knuckle could be seen from space.

Recently he was relieved of his duties as the head of Trump’s transition team into the White House, replaced by Vice President-elect Mike Pence. Will Christie have a spot in Trump’s cabinet come January? That remains to be seen. In the meantime, enjoy these funny memes about Chris Christie, and try not to laugh too hard at some of the Chris Christie photoshops that are on the list.

1. That pancake stack is just not enough

2. Are you sure they will be enough for you though Chris?funny-chris-christie-meme-2

3. Fat bastard has some competitionfunny-chris-christie-meme-3

4. Trying to hardfunny-chris-christie-meme-4

5. Taking a big bitefunny-chris-christie-meme-5

6. It’s very well possiblefunny-chris-christie-meme-6

7. It was just a big misunderstanding!funny-chris-christie-meme-7

8. Did you Chris? Did you eat the President’s cupcake?funny-chris-christie-meme-8

9. That’s one hell of a moose knucklefunny-chris-christie-meme-9

10. That’s just his appetizerfunny-chris-christie-meme-10

11. Christie is the new Kool-Aid manfunny-chris-christie-meme-11

12. OK Chris Cartman I mean Christiefunny-chris-christie-meme-12

13. This photo has not been altered in any wayfunny-chris-christie-meme-13

14. The secret service would love this onefunny-chris-christie-meme-14

15. His FUPA is the size of the Goodyear Blimpfunny-chris-christie-meme-15

16. Oh, burn!funny-chris-christie-meme-16

17. The newest Netflix originalfunny-chris-christie-meme-17

18. Please don’t eat me!funny-chris-christie-meme-18

19. They’re there somewhere Chrisfunny-chris-christie-meme-19

20. Not too fat to run, but too fat to win!funny-chris-christie-meme-20

21. Or maybe you do bothfunny-chris-christie-meme-21

22. So that was his goal all alongfunny-chris-christie-meme-22

23. Bridgegate was the biggest reason Trump dumped him


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