45 Examples of Money Art You Would Never Want to Spend

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Although it is technically illegal, the money art on this list will really blow you away from the sheer creativity of each one. These pictures of dollar bill art include drawings of Tupac, Spiderman, Macho Man Randy Savage, and a lot of your other favorite pop culture characters. There are also some really interesting dollar art examples that aren’t of people, like the one with the Ladybugs crawling out from the center.

Like we already said, drawings on money are technically illegal, but when they look this cool it’s hard to get mad. Most of this artwork was drawn on one dollar bills, but there are a few examples of five dollar bill art too (and even a few 10s and 20s!) Let us know what your favorite dollar art on this list is in the comments!


1. Taxi Driver


2. Great Family Guy Reference


3. Bald Lincoln


4. It’s a Trap!


5. Thug Washington


6. Darth Lincoln


7. Abe the Bounty Hunter


8. I am Groot


9. Batman


10. One of the Best on the List


11. Headless Washington


12. Colorful Mario Land

Money Art (12)


13. Sad Ronald McDonald


14. Nice Photoshop


15. Wolverine


16. Weird Lincoln


17. Bob Ross Like a Boss


18. Macho Man


19. Storm


20. The Good the Bad and Five Dollars


21. This is Twenty Dollars!


22. Abe Murray


23. The Devil


24. Awesome Gonzo


25. Tron


26. Gandalf


27. Terminator


28. The Nightmare Before Money


29. Johnny Cash


30. Ladybugs


31. Arm Coming Out


32. Notorious B.I.G


33. Pee Wee Herman


34. Spiderman


35. Colbert


36. Tupac


37. Zombie Dollar

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