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  • The 26 Best Brock Lesnar Memes Only WWE Fans Will Get

    The beast incarnate Brock Lesnar is one of the most intimidating forces in WWE history, but that doesn’t mean that Brock Lesnar memes aren’t hilarious. From jabs at his MMA career in the UFC, to jokes about his F5 finisher, these are the funniest Brock Lesnar memes on the internet. There are a few things […]

  • 25 Funny Duck Dynasty Memes That Are Duckin’ Awesome

    We all love watching Duck Dynasty on A&E, so why not laugh at some funny Duck Dynasty memes while we’re waiting for new episodes to come out? This list includes the best Duck Dynasty memes, featuring Willie, Si, Jase, Phil, and more. Some of these are more like Duck Dynasty quotes (including several gems from […]