40+ Awesome Whiskey Tattoos For Dark Liquor Lovers

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If whiskey is so important to you that you get it tattooed on your body, then you must really love dark liquor. The whiskey tattoos on this list range from big to small, and intricate to simple, so there is something for everyone if you’re looking for ideas. Many Jack Daniels tattoos are represented on this list, because let’s face it, when you think whiskey you think Jack Daniels. There are also Wild Turkey tattoos, Jameson tattoos, and even Southern Comfort tattoos, so hopefully your favorite brand is somewhere to be found below.

Which of the pictures below is your favorite? Do you like the tattoos of whiskey bottles, or do you think whiskey in rocks glass makes for a cooler tattoo? Hopefully you can use the ideas below to come up with an inspiration for your own future ink.

1. The first of many Jack Daniels tattoos

2. Really nice coloring on this Jack Daniels tat

3. Pretty sweet Jameson tattoo with a compass

4. Nice Jameson Irish Whiskey tattoo on the leg

5. Whiskey tattoos make great tributes. RIP Tony K!

6. Whiskey on the rocks tattoo

7. The broken Jack Daniels bottle could represent quitting alcohol

8. Cool Ramblin Whiskey tattoo

9. Another tattoo of a broken Jack Daniels bottle

10. Whiskey skull in a rocks glass

11. Whiskey helps cure his blues

12. Yet another broken Jack Daniels bottle tattoo

13. Sweet Bell’s whiskey tattoo

14. Whiskey over women tattoo

15. This Jack Daniels label tattoo looks real nice

16. Another skull within the whiskey tattoo

17. Classy rocks glass, just how I like it

18. Whiskey and cigarette tattoo

19. Gotta love your dear old whiskey

20. Simple and small whiskey tattoo

21. How many people have whiskey skull tats?

22. The first Wild Turkey tattoo on the list! Nice!

23. Looks pretty accurate to me

24. Probably the best Jameson tattoo on this list

25. Not a bad way to live

26. The millionth broken whiskey bottle tattoo on this list

27. Don’t drink too much of the sauce!

28. Famous last words

29. My kind of girl

30. This Jack and Coke tattoo is making me thirsty

31. Now that’s a badass whiskey barrel tattoo

32. Not exactly whiskey but it qualifies

33. That’s a realistic looking Jack tattoo if I’ve ever seen one

34. Righting your will on your body

35. Last call tattoo

36. Another super realistic Jameson tattoo

37. The first Southern Comfort tattoo on the list

38. Old style bottle

39. Another cool Wild Turkey Tattoo

40. Really cool colors on this one

41. Ship in a whiskey glass tattoo

42. Cigars and scotch tattoo

43. Whiskey while you work

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