Back in 2007, Jimmy Dean had the audacity to change their 160z roll of sausage to a 12oz roll, all while keeping the price the same. They supposedly recieved hundreds of complaint calls from angry rednecks, but there was one call in particular that ended up going down in internet history. Enter Randy Taylor, a Texas man who is really pissed off about his sausage.

Taylor’s epic complaint call was both profane and hilarious, with him bringing up the plight of his family and how a 12oz roll and a couple dozen eggs wasn’t enough to feed them. He gave opinions on some of Jimmy’s other products too, saying, “And as far as your 16oz maple and sage…I don’t eat that. I’m not from the north, I’m a Texas man.” If this guy isn’t your favorite person in the world after you give this a listen, then you might not be a redneck.

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